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Trying to get back into routine of updating. It's been a long time.

I was considering cancelling my account here, but I was inspired when I checked my subscribed deviations briefly.

I'll be back.

Or, I am back.
I love how DeviantArt informs me that I have ONE HUNDRED faves, and that I should get a dA subscription.

I love how I have to pay my tuition this semester and can't afford to do anything else that enriches my life!

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New York Comic Con.

Really exciting. Partly because I brought my eight-year-old brother to experience the wonder that is NYCC.

I like to think he had a good time, taking pictures with costumed mascots and Star Wars characters. I had fun.

What really got me feeling better about the NYCC, and took my mind off the money I spent throughout the day, was meeting :iconmbreitweiser: in the Artists' Alley. It was really crazy getting to meet one of my favorite artists in the decade.

It was also crazy that he and his wife :icondismang:(might have) remembered me commenting on their work on deviant art.

Anyway. I had a great con. Great for everyone, I think.

(Just wish I could make my money back in half the time!)
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I wish I didn't have all these other things to do. Like work and school, so I could just draw all day.

You know. To get better and faster at getting it down. Not inspired by the oppression of school and work.

Not at all.
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I have returned to the interwebs.

I'll be posting more work if any watchers have survived the storm. I'm excited to have this much information at my fingertips so I can procrastinate. As I type this, I am procrastinating from homework.

In recent news, I met Marcos Chin at the Society of Illustrators in NY for a workshop. He's a really talented illustrator and a really nice guy. He is also good friends with Marcos Martin, who is doing great work on Amazing Spider-Man right now.

Anyway. Looking forward to releasing new art!
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I've been thinking about this for a while now, but, my username is BANDIT-REVOLVER.

I have yet to draw Sol-Badguy or Ky Kiske.

Or any Guilty Gear character for that matter.

I'll get on that next.
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Since, I only update this journal, maybe five times a year, I'll update you now.

I finally learned how to do the icon link!

Thanks to thehostel:iconthehostel:

Finally, I can do this!

I hope I'm doing this right.

Soon enough, I'll have clubs that I'm in listed in my journals and such.

'Til then, schoolish.
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I'm in Arizona right now. That doesn't explain how I have internet but, it does.

So, yeah. I have lots of work to put up, but haven't a scanner on me. Back in NJ I do, but I don't have internet. Boohahahawa.

Arch... It's so boring in Arizona.
In other news, does anyone know anyone who is selling their Wacom Pen? I forget what kind of tablet I have, but I don't know. Let me know or something.

The Dark Knight - Spectacular and strangely thoughtful. Balanced. Should be a nod for Best Picture.
You know it.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

2535 3311 3926

That's me.

Watercolor paintings coming in the immediate second.

Kind of.
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Finals again.

I'm putting some Wips from my cartooning final. I also have some stuff from painting.

And then, there's other stuff, once I get to it.

We'll see if I do.
You know the pattern.

If you don't hear from me ever again, that means I've fallen into a black hole of procrastination that I'll never heal from again.

Or I've finally started playing video games and reading my backed up comics again.
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So maybe I've been filling up on Sketchbook Subs.

How do I turn them into scraps? Some of them at least.

I've got a lot in store. I'm sure. I think. We'll see.
I'm going to be featured in a gallery!
Not my own show, but I'm part of it.

I thought the show would be bigger, or with more work, but I think it'll go well.

Y'know how it goes.…
Okay. I'm serious this time.


Once a day, folks.
I like my drawings to have proper exposure.
If any.
How long?

I really don't know.

Update soon, I know. Finals again.

My first experience with college art finals.


I can tell you right now, though, my triumphantly-disgusting return to DevART will be arriving in the coming weeks, this week and the next will be some of the most ugly days anyone has ever seen me.

Sleepless nights.

Eatless meals.

It's a coming.

So much work to do.

Communication Design is no joke. Neither is Rendering Techniques.

Drawing Comp. I doesn't seem so difficult now.

Maybe it's because I've been neglecting the other two classes all semester.

(And by the by, I'm still not registered for the fall semester. I will be soon, however. I just don't know if I'll get all the classes I want.)

(I doubt it.)

Meanwhile. I'm wasting time here.

Because I'll probably die tonight from a lack of energy, but plenty of will to create?


Yeah, okay.

Another college semester. Another month. Another day.

I'm finding that I don't like Communication Design Techniques.

Rendering Techniques is pretty neat. A lot of new stuff.

Drawing Composition I is what it is. Lots of non-art majors.

Art History I...'nuff said.

I've never really had this many art courses. And I haven't truly done something original in around six months. I'm just burned out and when I'm ready to start---school begins again. Maybe it's just the winter break. Not break-y enough.

Finally found out if I passed English Comp I. Got a B. I was expecting an F. Suh-weet.


Lately, I've just not been able to get a grip on anything. I look at some things, some people, and I feel weird. Like it's not real. I might be having one of those "Matrix" phases. An alienation phase. A Holden Caulfield phase. I don't know.

I'm sure some of the readers know what I'm feeling.

Sure, I can get happy and stuff sometimes, but when I just sit back and examine things, I get all whacked out.

Gets me damned depressio.

I have to seriously get three of the following immediately:
+a job to hold for a long while
+a car to drive for a long, long while
+financial aid

Job is for obvious reasons, but I recently discovered that my first three months of payments for tuition did not count, as my mother paid with her expired credit card for those three months. I can't let my parents pay for 1300 dollars of my tuition. They're already having a tough time as it is.

Car is for duhhh.

Financial aid is for derrphfff.

Dughhh. I'm just so tired. I'm not being really challenged with some of these new classes. Some assignments I just don't want to do. Comm Design, for example. There's no creative output there. Drawing Comp is full of non-art majors, so it's like first grade.

Ben Jones is neat, though.

Goddamn time. The Authority should fight time. Get Millar to write it.


The semester's done...more or less. I only know of two or three of my grades. I know I got an A- in Art History and an A in 2D Design. I believe I got something of a B+ or an A- in Intermediate Algebra. English Comp I---I couldn't finish the final paper in time and Computer as a Tool---I haven't completed two assignments.

And I'm taking the final in less than thirty minutes.

Anyway, once I get the camera up and running, loads of new deviations will be sprouting up. Hooray!

I'm so happy for this Winter Intersession. (That's what they call it at NJCU. Trying to be PC, I guess.)

Decemberween occasions seem to be approaching madly.

I hope to be filling out some financial aid form before the holiday ends. I'm running my family into the ground financially, me thinks.

I have to start eating less. My pants don't fit me as normally as they would. That's not right.

My back hurts.

I'm tired.

I'm kind of better off than I was last week, though, I am in the same situation...somewhat.

I did start my work. So it won't be like last week, when I broke night to get something done.

I've pretty much got the idea down, now I just have to design it.

Perspective assignment. It's pretty neat, I guess. A random thought, since I didn't want to go with a comic theme again.

Lets see, the Mandala assignment was based on Infinite Crisis #1. The Tessellation assignment was inspired by JMS' run on Amazing Spider-Man. Well...the beginning and the Other.

But I'm so tired. And my room's a mess. At least I'm getting my laundry done. Even the sheets.

I even have several blankets! Although, some of them need to be mended.


...I can't do this.
Gosh. I am so tired.

I can't do this anymore. This whole life thing. It really sucks.
Everything's coming together...only to crash.

I just need a day or two soley to catch up and do everything I can. Thing is, I get distracted. However, an entire day all to myself and work. That's what I need. I think.

At least I'm smarter now, I think before I act. A lot more than before, yes.

I wish I did think before I acted before.

I reckon I'd be happier.  I reckon things would've been a lot easier now.

I wanna be a baby again. Or dead.

Anything to get away from th' probs and stress.

No. On second thought, I'd rather not.

I'm so tired.

And 2D Design is getting difficult.

It really was all daisies and sunshine for the first two or three weeks. The first assignment, draw a stylized portrait of a philosopher, was easy. I think it came out well, actually. I drew out Grant Morrison. I've been meaning to put it up. Same with Shades of Summer, 2005, but, I put 2004 up like this year, so it's not that much of a rush.

Well, maybe it is.

Still, I am very, very tired. Feeling overworked, with less and less time for myself and what I want to do.

I suppose I should get my priorities in order.

I'm hungry, too.